Astral Projection: theory and practice

Learn the main techniques and scientific basis for experiencing a conscious projection.

During sleep or when falling into deep relaxation, some people report feeling aware of leaving their body, they feel floating above it or interacting with people and environments beyond the physical plane.

Did you know that this is a very common experience, told in different cultures and times? Have you ever had an out-of-body experience while sleeping or taking a nap?

If you would like to know more about this subject and learn how to make a conscious projection, its possibilities and evolutionary gains, this article was written for you!

What is Astral Projection?

In several situations, such as when we fall asleep or when we stay in a meditative state for a longer time, we relax our physical body to such a level that our consciousness can temporarily detach itself from it. If we can keep our lucidity in these moments of release and mental expansion, we can notice ourselves interacting with realities more subtle than matter.

The technical term is projection of the consciousness, but popularly it is known by different names: astral travel, out-of-body experience, unfolding, astral projection, among others. It is the capacity to express ourselves in extraphysical environments or dimensions, expanding our mental, emotional and energetic faculties.

When we project ourselves, we use another vehicle of manifestation, with an energetic and psychic nature, therefore more subtle than the physical body. Known by specific nomenclatures according to the field of knowledge, it is generally called the astral body or emotional body (psychosoma). It is by means of it that we move, feel and experience the most different situations during an out-of-body experience.


Is Astral Projection dangerous?

An object of curiosity, fascination, or fear within popular culture, the astral projection has been covered with taboos throughout history. Whether due to religious mentality and ancient superstitions on the one hand, or materialistic thinking on the other, many prefer to stay in a closed mind about the subject.

There is still misinformation about the phenomenon, leading some to believe that there are dangers in out-of-body experiences. Some nurture fanciful ideas such as, for example, that every time we leave, we run the risk of not coming back. Or even that we may suffer attacks and evil consequences, or that negative entities may take possession of the projector\’s body, among others.

Such beliefs prove to be unfounded in practice, based on lucid projectors with decades of extraphysical experiences. Besides, there are several reports of projections in which it is possible to help other consciousnesses, which brings direct benefits, promoting the intimate growth and improvement of those who experience it.

During the projection, the astral body (psychosoma) remains connected to the physical body by a set of energetic bonds, known as the silver cord. When leaving the body, the consciousness uses this energetic link to remain connected to the material vehicle, regardless of the distance or duration of the out-of-body experiences.

It is a relatively simple process to return to the body, that is, to refit the vehicles and wake up again on the physical plane. At any noise, movement, or discomfort of the body in the middle of sleep, or when we are taken in the extraphysical by some more intense emotion, the silver cord causes our consciousness to immediately return to its material base.


Who Can Exit the Body

Not only mistrust and fear, but the projection of consciousness (exiting the body) has also suffered misinterpretations over time, sometimes being seen as a gift reserved for special people, or something that requires some kind of religious practice, ceremonies, or complicated rituals.

In fact, astral travel simply depends on our capacity for concentration and relaxation. Any person with reasonable physical and mental health can develop this ability, all that is needed is a suitable space to practice and dedication to applying techniques regularly.

Lucid projections have been reported by people from many different locations and social backgrounds around the world, regardless of beliefs, gender, age, or any other variables.


Such universality leads us to consider the hypothesis that it is a natural experience, common to the entire human species, without the need for mystical connotations or superstitious interpretations. And, as part of our constitution as living beings, it can be developed and improved practically by anyone interested, bringing countless benefits and expanding our horizons.


Projectiology: science that studies projections of the consciousness

Because it is a recurring phenomenon, the out-of-body experience has been attracting the attention of researchers and scientists for decades. Ample material has been published on the subject, covering different approaches and theories, as well as a variety of techniques to achieve a lucid exit to the astral plane.

With the intention of researching the projections of consciousness, the Brazilian physician Waldo Vieira proposed a new science, Projectiology, which presents a practical methodology of personal experimentation. According to him, each researcher should investigate for him/herself the extraphysical dimension, also known as the astral plane or spiritual plane, by using specific techniques and recording his/her experiences.

A Projeciologia trata a experiência fora do corpo como uma ocorrência natural da qual podemos obter um proveito prático. Para além do fenômeno em si, Waldo Vieira destacou que a projeção consciente traz como ganho evolutivo uma compreensão maior do propósito da existência humana, apresentando ferramentas práticas para o autoconhecimento.

Projectiology treats the out-of-body experience as a natural occurrence from which we can get a practical benefit. Beyond the phenomenon itself, Waldo Vieira highlighted that conscious projection brings as an evolutionary gain a greater understanding of the purpose of human existence, presenting practical tools for self-knowledge.


Near-DeathExperiences – NDE

Astral projection has been associated with numerous other phenomena, among them what has become known as near-death experiences, or simply NDEs. Such occurrences involve accidentsor serious situations where the person is on the verge of biological death.

Those who experience this type of borderline situation usually report seeing themselves walking or floating, sometimes in an environment similar to a tunnel, as if they were in a state of transition, but still feeling connected to the body. Something, a deep reflection or a conversation with deceased relatives, impels the person to return and continue his/her existential journey.

Near-death experiences have been investigated by the medical and academic community, being an object of scientific interest. The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), a well-known North American research institution, has been promoting studies and statistical surveys on the subject since the early 1980s.



Outro fenômeno comum relacionado à projeção astral é a chamada paralisia do sono, cujo nome técnico é catalepsia projetiva, Ocorre quando nos sentimos paralisados, logo após acordarmos, sem conseguirmos nos mexer ou sequer falar.

Another common phenomenon related to astral projection is the so-called sleep paralysis, which technical name is projective catalepsy. It occurs when we feel paralyzed soon after waking up, without being able to move or even speak.

The hypothesis worked within Projectiology is that sleep paralysis happens because of the still incomplete fit between the two vehicles: the astral/emotional body (psychosoma) and the physical body (soma). This mismatch happens at the moment of transition from the sleep state to the waking state, or vice-versa.

To understand more about sleep paralysis, go to the following page.


How to do an astral projection?

There are numerous techniques for achieving an astral projection, most of them involve some kind of concentration, or creative visualization, together with mastery of breathing and physical relaxation.

Another factor that boosts the out-of-body experiences is the deep study of the subject, not only theoretical but practical. To consider in daily life the interaction with multiple energetic dimensions, and not only the variables referring to the physical plane. The scientific study of astral projection, as mentioned above, through the science of Projectiology, can provide a set of useful tools for projective experimentation.

The more we understand the benefits of astral projection, especially those related to our self-knowledge, the more we will value and enjoy lucid out-of-body experiences.

The projection of the consciousness allows us to get in touch not only with subtle realities, \”external\” to our consciousness, but to do an internal dive which, if well used, is capable of giving us support to transform diverse intimate conditioning, from instinctive fears (such as the fear of death) to prejudices and personal limitations.

One of the techniques used is the mobilization of consciential energies.To learn about other projective techniques, click here.


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